Health and Safety
This is the most important aspect of our business.
In order to obtain advice and up to date information on all Health and Safety matters, Broadoak Construction retains the services of Principle Health and Safety, who are health and safety consultants.
Safety Advisors make regular inspections of our sites, and will leave copies of their reports on site.
Copies of all reports are forwarded to Mr G. Horton (Chairman) and it is the policy of the Company that all faults noted on these reports should be rectified immediately.
Principle Health and Safety are advisers to management at all levels, and their presence in no way relieves our management of responsibility. Through the usual channels, their advice is available to all Company employees.
Our Health and Safety record is second to none
Our commitment to Health and Safety is total and on-going
Our staff are updated on Health and Safety matters regularly and a copy of our Safety Policy is always available.